Employee Awareness Training


Cyber threats are on the rise

It’s common knowledge that employees are a company’s weakest link when it comes to data security.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Simple training on security matters can make all the difference in the world.

With the right training and education, you can make certain that the rest of your security program is used to its fullest potential.

What do you get with Employee Awareness Training?

  • Strong passwords & effective management
  • Good email habits
  • Recognizing safe (and unsafe) networks
  • Device protection

Why Employee Awareness Training?

Employee Awareness Training begins with making sure employees understand their importance as the first line of defense in protection. Training begins with simple matters for end users and encompassing a suite of topics for your whole organization.

Strong passwords & effective management

Landlines are dying, and businesses everywhere are searching for a better communication platform. Unified communications can be that platform for your business.

Good email habits

Email can be the gateway to your business and is often the target of attack. Train your employees to recognize phishing attacks before there’s a breach.

Work remote safely

Every network is not the same, and that’s especially true when your staff are traveling or using their mobile service. Make sure they know the difference.

Complete device protection

Protecting your business means protecting your hardware too. Train your employees to lock your computers, keeping track of portable devices.

How does Employee Awareness Training work?

Just as every network is built a little differently, your staff has their own way of working. Our job is to make sure they know how to avoid common cyberthreats so that their regular work routine actually helps protect your company.

Take an active role

Your employees can be transformed from the point of attack to the first line of defense when you arm them with knowledge and a system of security that works for your business.

It all starts with training.

Questions about Employee Awareness Training?

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To reduce the risk of successful social engineering attacks, it is important to hold regular trainings and test how well each employee follows security principles in practice.”
~ TechRepublic

questions about Employee Awareness Training?

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